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“I came to Bryn Walsh with long-standing eczema and disruptive and often severe itchiness over many parts of my body, along with more recent and major hair loss. I had been unsuccessfully treated by internists, dermatologists and other medical specialists, who ruled out any serious health conditions. They treated me with increasingly strong over-the-counter and prescription steroid and non-steroid creams and anti-allergy medications, all to no avail and with disturbing side effects.

I am thrilled to say that after 3 months of acupuncture and herbal treatment with Bryn, I have experienced remarkable recovery. The eczema has disappeared, I am only occasionally mildly itchy, and my hair loss has reversed course. In addition to her excellent practitioner skills, Bryn treated me with great respect, patient care and understanding. She also took on my case with a real commitment to healing: researching, investigating the constellation of holistic care options, counseling me on dietary improvements, consulting with her medical doctor colleagues. Bryn Walsh is a true "healer" in the very best sense.”
                    — L. Goldin

“ I have had 3 knee surgeries and had to give up sports completely because of the constant pain in my knees. My orthopedic doctor said that I probably wouldn’t be able to play basketball again. A friend of mine had gone to see Bryn and said that she had helped with her knee pain so I thought I might as well give it a try. I’ve been seeing Bryn for 3 months now and although the pain isn’t completely gone it has really improved to the point where I can play basketball again. You can’t imagine how happy I am.”
                    — V. Sawyer

“My nose has been stuffed most of life.   I’ve been using steroid nasal sprays and allergy medication for    years but I still suffered from chronic sinus headaches,   fatigue, loss of smell and pressure in the face and behind the eyes. Bryn put me on a whole program with diet, self massage, homeopathic remedies and she taught me some stress reduction techniques. Now I’m drug free, have more  energy and I can smell! “
                  — S. Gould


"Happy Feet in Acton: I had plantar fasciitis and have  total relief with an orthotic and acupuncture. Bryn Walsh  of Acupuncture Plus in Acton was able to take away the pain."                    
                    —appeared in the Boston Sunday Globe: Lifestyles


“As someone with a chronic, potentially life-threatening  condition, I can attest that Bryn has been an important member  of the health care team which has kept me physically well  in addition to mentally and emotionally balanced.”
                    —G Groves, Occupational Therapist


“While apprenticing with Bryn in her office, it was clear that all her patients trusted and respected her. They  all seemed to have improved a great deal in conditions that  are normally difficult to treat in western conventional medicine.”
                    — G Naing, M.D.

“Bryn has been treating our teenage daughter for anxiety and depression and it is the only thing that has really worked.  She was like her old self after the first treatment.  She went for several weekly treatments and is now going once a month.”

Gloria W.


“Bryn’s ability as an acupuncturist is exceptional.  Her sensitivity and expertise were indispensable in healing  every problem for which I sought her help. In particular,  she completely and adeptly cured a serious back injury which  had plagued me.”
                    — B Greenspan, Lawyer


 “Since I’ve been coming for acupuncture I’m  less depressed and I feel calmer and more balanced. It’s a nice place to be.”
                    — P.L. engineer


“My hot flashes have all but disappeared, what a relief.”
                    — T.A. Health Consultant

“I have had 3 knee surgeries and had to give up sports completely because of the constant pain in my knees. My orthopedic doctor said that I probably wouldn’t be able to play basketball again. A friend of mine had gone to see Bryn and said that she had helped with her knee pain so I thought I might as well give it a try. I’ve been seeing Bryn for 3 months now and although the pain isn’t completely gone it has really improved to the point where I can play basketball again. You can’t imagine how happy I am.”
                    — V. Sawyer


Since starting acupuncture 5 months ago, I feel like a different person.  I came to Bryn because I was constantly anxious, did not sleep at night, had bad headaches, sinuses and constant back pain.  I began acupuncture and after the first treatment I knew I loved it.  My body felt relaxed and my head felt light and free of nagging worries.  Neck and should pain was gone and I stood up without headache, I’ve continued to see her regularly because it makes my body feel great and it makes my brain relax.  I soon started yoga classes at A Calm Spirit and found that I felt stronger and it is significantly helping my back straighten out and allowing me to stand and walk tall and without pain, something I’ve always wanted.  Bryn has made supplement recommendations to me that have had improved my sleep, hair health and general health overall.  I highly recommend her as an acupuncturist, yoga leader and/or health consultant, I’ve never felt better and it all started at Acupuncture Plus.  Bryn is extremely knowledgeable and I genuinely feel so thankful to have found her. - Abby H.


Simply amazing!  Acupuncture with Bryn Walsh L.Ac. has provided relief for my migraine headaches for the past 3 months. I began acupuncture treatment with Bryn on February 1st, 2014 and have had only 2 migraines since that time.  Today is May 1st and I have not had a migraine since March 3rd.  I truly feel that Bryn has helped me turn the corner and has been able to keep my monthly migraines away.

-Eileen C.

I have been treated by Bryn for scleroderma, an auto-immune disease. The acupuncture treatments and herbal preparations were extremely helpful in relieving the chronic symptoms of scleroderma, which included severe circulation problems, itching of the skin and joint pain and swelling.

- G Petti

In Good Hands: Acupuncturist pinpoints problems


The Beacon, Spring 2006
By Cheryl Lecesse, Staff Writer

Bryn Walsh has always felt a connection to Asian culture. When she was young, she remembers poring through her older brother’s Asian history schoolbooks  and collecting “Made in China” labels. That connection has led her down the path of practicing traditional Chinese medicine.

Walsh, a Lincoln resident, opened Acupuncture Plus in Acton about five years ago, but has been practicing acupuncture for 16 years. For 10 years prior, she practiced acupressure. 

“When you study acupressure you study the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine,” she said. “It resonated with me.”

Originally from Nova Scotia, Walsh never dreamed of being an acupuncturist, but she has always been interested in holistic health. She started practicing yoga when she was 16, and tai chi when she was 18.  “It’s just an interest of mine that’s gone back a long time,” she said.

Walsh learned the effectiveness of massage and acupressure while working in New York as a professional dancer; both were a great help in overcoming injuries. She finally decided to train in Swedish massage, at the only school in New York that offered licensing, and later went to become certified at a Shiatsu school in New York.

While acupressure requires the use of the thumbs and fingers on pressure points, acupuncture is the insertion of tiny stainless steel needles to regulate the flow of vital energy. The process directs vital energy, called qi, to areas of deficiency and drains it from areas of excess, restoring balance in the body.

Walsh said about a quarter of her clients say acupuncture triggers a feeling of warm water running down their legs. About three-fourths of people fall asleep during the process. “People are always incredibly surprised by how relaxed they get,” she said. “And that it doesn’t hurt.”

The paper-thin needles are placed in specific pressure points on the body to get the qi flowing in the patient.  “I think it works on a really deep level because it’s working on the whole energy system rather than the muscles and skin,” Walsh said.

Walsh said her training as a dancer, and her knowledge of anatomy, is a great benefit. “I have a really good take on the body and how it works,” she said. “I’m always diagnosing people by how they stand and how they walk, by how they hold their bodies.”

When it comes to helping a new client, those who practice traditional Chinese medicine do not take into account the Western diagnosis. Instead they look at a combination of signs and symptoms that are what the Chinese call a pattern of disharmony, Walsh said. “They look at the whole person rather than the disease,” she said   of those who practice traditional Chinese medicine. “It really is a holistic medicine.”
For example, a client came to Walsh with ringing in her ears and headaches. Ringing in the ears could a couple of things like insufficiency of qi, or life force, in the kidney, or too much heat in the liver energy system. “The liver rules the head,” Walsh said. “A lot of the time   headaches are liver-related.” In addition, the whites of the client’s eyes were red, which is another indication of too much heat in the liver. “The orifice of the liver is the eyes,” she said.

Some clients are too cold, and need heat in their body to get the qi flowing. Walsh uses a heated moxa stick, made from an herb, to transfer heat to her clients through acupuncture needles. The moxa stick is something clients can use on their own as well, by placing its heated tip on their pressure points.
Acupuncture isn’t a cure all alone; Walsh said people have to tweak their lifestyle habits, including diet, exercise and sleeping habits, in order to get better. “They need to get involved in their health,” Walsh said of her clients, saying she prefers to call herself their partner  instead of their healer. “If you go 100 percent, then I can almost guarantee you’ll get better.”

Walsh also shows people different exercises they can do to complement their treatments, such as Chi Kung, a combination of movement, posture, breathing and meditation with the intent to build and circulate qi. “Sometimes there is no movement but you’re holding a pose,” she said.

Chi Kung works well to release anger. Anger that is locked in the body can disrupt the flow of qi and create disease.
Acupuncture is generally associated with pain relief, but originally it was used as prevention against disease. Walsh has been trying to educate people on the benefits getting regular acupuncture treatments.

“If you can keep your qi flowing, which keeps your blood flowing, it keeps you healthy,” she said. “I think that’s the way it was created to begin with.”                 

Learning from Success

A Member Profile
from Holistic Practice Fall 2000

Acupuncturist and more, Bryn Walsh shares her story  

We all admire the renaissance person. But how about the renaissance acupuncturist? That’s exactly what Bryn Walsh is. Walsh, who practices acupuncture and more in Acton, Massachusetts, holds to the belief that one size does not fit all and that broad holistic knowledge is the key to successful healing.

Starting as a dancer in New York City, Walsh gained direct experience with pain. The grueling demand of dancing wreaks havoc with the body. Walsh helped by massaging her own sore feet and then those of other dancers. At that point she saw her calling and there was no stopping her. Walsh enrolled in and completed acupuncture school. But that was only a beginning. Ever since she was a youngster she felt a strange attraction for China and other countries in Asia. Walsh first went to Asia in 1983, where she gained first-hand experience with Far East remedies. She contracted dysentery and went to an herbalist and got better quickly. With her insatiable learning desire, she bought many of the herbal formulas and took them home to try to figure out what they were and how they helped. Since then she has visited the Far East more than 10 times   and always includes study on her trips. Walsh comments, “Once I studied a kind of herbalism in Indonesia that’s called Jamu which is based on the Chinese herbal system. I found formulas and powders for various ailments. They sold them in little envelopes with pictures of the ailments they cured.” When someone comes to see Walsh for the first time, she “reframes" his or her Western diagnosis into what the Chinese call an energetic imbalance.

“I always look at how a person stands. I look at their whole body and I can see how they are out of balance. I guess it’s because of years and years of dancing and yoga and studying anatomy and physiology. It just all comes together in my mind.” Because of her broad education in holistic and alternative medicine, Walsh treats her patients from many different aspects. Walsh tells people about their diets and sometimes teaches meditation. Acupuncture does fine, Walsh explains, but it isn’t the best for all things. For example, if someone comes in with a muscular skeletal problem, acupuncture works, but a combination of acupuncture, heat, herbal liniments and massage, she comments, “works a 100 times better.”

Walsh grows her skills with constant education and improves her practice by giving talks and introducing people to the whole concept of traditional Chinese medicine.

Walsh continues to expand her horizons. She has several books in the works and hopes that by learning, teaching, and practicing she will be able to help more people to lead a healthy, holistic life