Your Visit, Step by Step

             You might be asking, "What does an acupuncture visit entail, exactly?" Well, that’s what this page is here to answer. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to happen at your treatment.


  • You’ll come in and give the acupuncturist your health history, which can be printed here for you to fill out before your appointment. The acupuncturist will ask you pertinent questions about your health based on the content of the health history and whatever comes up during the interview.


  • The acupuncturist will look at your tongue and take your wrist pulses. We use these as clues in order to diagnose you and treat you with Chinese medicine.


  • You will then lie down on the massage table, face-up or down, depending on what area the acupuncturist needs access to in order to treat you. If you have back pain, you may be face-down, otherwise, it is likely you will be face-up. In any case, you will roll your pants up to your knees and sleeves up to your elbows, so wear loose, comfy clothing!


  • The acupuncturist will needle you and, if you like, place the heat lamp over your feet or low abdomen so you will stay cozy during your treatment. She’ll make sure you are comfortable and turn on soothing music (feel free to bring your own music if you prefer, like a guided meditation) and then leave the room so you can rest and relax and maybe even take a nap.


  • After awhile, the acupuncturist will peek in to check on you and see if anything needs adjusting. If it doesn’t, she’ll leave you to continue relaxing. If you have different conditions that require needles on your front and on the back, she may come in, take out the needles, and have you lay face-down so she can do a small treatment using local points on your back.


  • After letting you rest for a bit longer, your acupuncturist may come in to perform an adjunctive treatment, such as moxa, cupping or acupressure, if it is appropriate for your condition.


  • When the treatment is over, the acupuncturist will remove the needles and let you get up from the table slowly. It is recommended that you drink a little water before you leave and take your time. After your appointment, it is okay to go about your normal routine, but avoid anything that is overly strenuous. If you have had cupping, make sure your cupping marks are not exposed to the elements, such as wind, and do not shower for a few hours afterwards.